Current Programs

Faith-based Recovery

Since its inception, Odyssey, Inc has pioneered innovative ways to assist people in recovery to live lives of hope, productivity and true purpose. We continue to fulfill the dream and the personal experience of our founders to advocate and supply services to this much-loved community.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to cultivate flourishing lives and shatter barriers. We unlock doors to vital medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder services. Guided by compassion, we champion holistic healthcare, ensuring quality care for all, irrespective of financial or social status. Our journey embraces engagement, education, and prevention, fostering a healthy community where wellness thrives.

Our Vision

By eradicating barriers to medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder services, we aspire to build a future where quality care is universally accessible. Through innovative collaboration with healthcare providers, patients, and community partners, we strive to empower individuals, promote preventive care, and cultivate a culture of health and well-being.

Spiritual Program

We seek to assist an individual holistically. A person’s spiritual development sits at the core of transformation. As one embraces the reality and the totality of the gospel, complete life transformation results. Our spiritual life coaches guide individuals through the spiritual development pathway, equipping them with all the tools necessary to life a flourishing life.

Bible Program

Since our focus is life transformation, we give a recovery Bible to each client who reaches 14 days in recovery. The world’s perennial best-selling book guides our lives to honor God while intentionally loving and caring for our neighbors.

Food Program

Because our aim is the whole person, Odyssey, Inc. provides nutritious, well-presented food for hundreds of people in residential addiction recovery. This includes hiring people in recovery to select, prepare and present balanced meals to heal and strengthen our neighbors and friends.


Donate by mailing
P.O. Box 686
Louisa, Kentucky 41230


Donate by mailing 
P.O. Box 686
Louisa, Kentucky 41230